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Why Belgium?


Eunice is Belgian; Yann is French and married a Belgian. We live in Belgium. It was pretty obvious that we would help on the local mission field. When Eunice finished her studies we had the opportunity to become workers of the BEM with her joining the Public Relations department of the BEM. Since then we have been involved in a church plant project – Communauté chrétienne Pleroma – which grew into a young church until becoming the 60th church of a recognized baptist denomination in September 2015.

We want our fellow men, neighbors, friends, families to know the Lord and His love for them. We want them to understand how all men are constantly rebelling against God and how this just and loving God came to earth 2,000 years ago to offer humanity reconciliation through His death on the Cross. We want them to recognize their status before God, choose to trust His promises and receive a new life, regenerated by God’s Spirit.

Through the BEM and our local church Pleroma, we have opportunities to serve the Kingdom where we live today. It could have been Africa or Asia, but for now we are called to be in Belgium.


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