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Back to School

I’ve always loved going back to school. New supplies, classmates that you haven’t seen in two months, new things to discover, a new teacher,… I’ve always cherished the last days of holidays as little treasures before pushing the school’s doors and stepping into autumn.

I must admit though I’ve never waited for schools to go back as much as this year! After three weeks of road trip in France (we’ll write about that soon) and one week of activity centre for Loïs in July, August has known a whole set of emotional roller coaster. Two young kids, a tired mum, a hard-working dad was too much for this house. We tried to be creative, tested the limits of our patience and energy, sometimes failed completely, but I believe we all learned a lot. Don’t get me wrong though. We were impatiently waiting because this year we have two kids at school. And we as parents both have always been eager to discover (sometimes too quickly) what will come next!

Loïs went back school on the 1st September, the date kindergarten and primary school officially start in Belgium. From the first minutes on she let go of us, followed Mrs. V. and played with her two best friends. Yann and I didn’t existed anymore, she barely said goodbye. After school we went cycling on the square for an hour and an half. Let’s enjoy good weather while it lasts!

Daniel started school the next day (as planned with his teacher). Backpack on his back our little guy waited patiently for the bell to ring. After dropping his big sister in her class (which intimately forbade us to step into her classroom – kiss me goodbye outside, will you Mum) he went to Loïs’ former classroom. Not now, baby boy, you’re too young: this year you’re going to preschool. As we stepped out he was playing with Duplo.

We wish you a wonderful year at school, guys!



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