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CC Pleroma

Spreading a passion for the glory of God through a Christ-centered life

The Christian community Pleroma is a young French-speaking church and our local church. The first team members had known each other for quite some time before officially launching the church on April, 1st 2012 (this is no April fool!).

Since then, the church has welcomed new people, increased its contacts and rejoiced upon hearing public testimonies of faith at its first baptism services in March 2014 and June 2015. In September 2015 Pleroma became the 60th church of the French-Swiss-Belgian baptist association (

If you speak (or read) French, you are most welcome to follow our church’s blog (we try to update it regularly) and Twitter account.

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Our Role

Yann has been appointed as one of the elders of the congregation and therefore preaches and teaches the Word of God. Eunice gives a hand where needed and is part of the music team. Both of them are responsible for communication, marketing and website.

You Can Help

» Support us financially
» Support us in prayer
» Visit Pleroma’s website, follow Pleroma on Twitter and share the news

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