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Why the BEM?

I (Eunice) am Belgian and grew up in a church that originated from the BEM. In the early 2000’s when my church went through divisions and trials the leaders decided to “go back” to the BEM to get help. Unfortunately it did not go well and the church closed anyway in July 2003. The same year I finished high school and decided not to go straight to university, but to take a sabbatical year abroad. I was an au pair girl in Germany for three months, than a volunteer in Ontario, Canada for three more months. In September 2004 I carried on with my studies in translation (German/Danish) and began to attend a protestant church not far from home.

In the course of the following five years I met Yann, we got married and decided to be involved in the church… and I finished my studies. After some three months of research I had not found any job yet, and I knew that I wanted to be of use for the Kingdom of God. I knew that the BEM was looking for a French-speaking PR worker and I simply called the office and proposed my help. We were accepted as a couple in November 2009.

91 - bookshop

My being part of the BEM was written in the archives of the Mission. This is a picture of my father, taken while buying something at the BEM bookstore in Brussels in 1991 (I was 5).

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