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Loïs at Daycare

So, our little girl went to daycare for the first time today. As we both work at home (Yann for his studies, me for the BEM), Loïs has always stayed with us. Besides it was our choice – no nanny, housewife (which became maman works home). However we quickly noticed that she loved interaction with other children and this is not yet possible at church for now since the children are too different in age (Elta is 24 months, Loïs 14 and Jason 7). Before the summer we discovered that daycare mornings were organized in our street for children from 1 to 3 years old, for about 2 euros an hour. We decided to enroll her once or twice a week so she could meet other children and we could focus on our work for a few hours […]

Breastfeeding: Task Complete

A topic on breastfeeding on a missionary blog? But it has nothing to do with ministry! True, but we have lived with it for so long… Yesterday Loïs and I woke up and we went straight to breakfast, skipping the morning nursing. Just like that, naturally. I like round figures and dates I can remember easily; anyway she weaned herself three days before turning 14 months. I wanted to share my experience on this blog. If it can help you, I would love that […]