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2018-2019 ♦ Here We Go Again

Loïs wrote the dates and drew the laurels 🙂


♦ started 1st grade like a charm
♦ we were allowed to go to class with her for the first day. From now on we’ll leave her at the gate and she’ll meet her class group by her own
♦ back home was pretty excited about showing us all the things she did on her first day
♦ had lunch at school for her first day – our very own family tradition. Today, they’re back to pack lunches 🙂


♦ was happy to see his friends again – all four boys are still in the same group
♦ has the same teacher as Loïs when Logan was born – it’s not even on purpose ^^
♦didn’t say much about his day, we’ll have to take care about asking him and not focusing all our attention on Loïs’ new experiences (which are new to us too)
♦ ate spaghetti bolognaise at school and came back with immaculated shorts! oO


♦ played in the back of Loïs’ classroom while her teacher was welcoming parents and first graders and explaining elementary school’s rules
♦ went to daycare for the morning and slept half of the time (we went on a last family holiday this week-end and he hadn’t slept much)
♦ is at last allowed to play in the school yard while waiting for his older siblings (last June, he didn’t walk yet and I didn’t let him crawl)

First day of school 2016

First day of school 2017

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