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9 Months With You

Psoqué, Palustre, Chouboulet,

Nine months ago we had a very small idea of what life with three children would be like. We knew that everyone is different, still how could we have imagined that we’d discover so many things with you?

Nine months ago Loïs and I were convinced I was expecting a girl – I would have bet on that. I hadn’t been wrong for her and Danny – why would I have been for you? Yet, we got a baby boy whom we loved instantly. Papa was right!

Nine months ago you were born a Wednesday instead of a Sunday like the other two. More midwives, more medical measures, more mummies giving birth at the same time – that was quite the novelty for us! It also precluded our numerous appointments with paediatricians since your ‘big cold’ when you were 6 weeks old. And all along you keep smiling.

Nine months ago you spent the first three days of your life in the cosy and quiet environment of the maternity service. Today, oh boy, don’t even think of silence. I must say, you’re not innocent in all of it.

Nine months ago Loïs was joking about your toothless gums. Today, you have two teeth and you know that you’re not to use them on your Mummy. Good boy!

Nine months ago we didn’t know if you had colitis and I drank fennel herbal tea just in case. Today you devour your purees and the bits of overcooked veggies we give you and I still drink fennel herbal to provide your daily milk supply.

Nine months ago you were lying in your bed, sleeping. Today you still sleep a good deal on mornings, but when your siblings are back from school you spend the whole afternoon sitting, rolling, crawling backwards and babbling. And you do the splits!

We’ve learned so much with you, sweetheart. Especially patience and trust. And I so admire the way you evolve smiling despite your never ending colds. And it is good for us to remind us this promise we do to all three of you:

We joyfully renew this open-ended parental contract. We pray to be godly and faithful parents to have you taste his Kingdom in our daily life, so that all of you meet and follow Jesus personaly.

We love you, Logan.

Our letter to Loïs (April 2013)
Our letter to Daniel (December 2014)

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