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BEM Church Plant in Gembloux

Hi there,

Time flies so quick that it is utterly impossible to post articles on a regular basis here. Whatever. Life is out there! Last week was school holidays and, as you guess, with two kids at home and the work that needs to be done, a new article would have been a miracle.

Last Sunday we had been invited by our friends and colleagues Eric and Anne to visit the BEM church plant in Gembloux and spend the afternoon together. L’Autre Rive (‘The Other Side’ – wants to be an ‘alternative Christian community’ that locally embodies the Gospel and its values in today’s society. For six years the congregation has grown around public services and ‘private’ home groups. The three pillar vision is based on 1 Thessalonians 1.3: ‘active faith, radical love, steadfast hope’.

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Two years ago, the church plant in Gembloux multiplied and launched a similar project in Hannut. Read more here. If you do not receive the BEM newsletter yet do subscribe to receive it by  e-mail or by post.

For the record, I met an old camp buddy there. We had not seen each other for years – I think our last encounter was when we were 15 or 16! 

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