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[BEM] G.A.M. 2018 and a new vision

It was the talk of all BEM publications these past months, it has finally come to life. The BEM has taken a new course in its activities and the new vision and strategy will be implemented in the year to come. Prayers most welcome for all BEM missionaries, especially for the members of the Transistion Board that will be in charge of implementing the changes.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. We forgot the photo camera and managed with what we had.

Good coffee to tackle administrative reports
And a few treats
Eric presenting the new vision/strategy (translation by Christa)
The new BEM Board for one year / Yann & Willy praying for them, Christa translating, Peter appearing out of nowhere ^^
– CELEBRATION – Jannes & Mathilde, Berthold & Renate: 25 years with the BEM
– HAPPY RETIREMENT – Farewell, Barry & Coreen. Thank you for 17 years in Belgium, we wish you the best return to South Africa. Thank you Linda for all those years at the BEM bookstore in Leuven.
– THANKSGIVING – Thank you Luc for your 6 years of ministry as French-speaking director!

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