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Books Of The Month

This month, three books on the shelf.

The Ministry of a Messy House, Amanda Robbie

Don’t freak out about the messy areas of your life. Perfectionism won’t save you from your daily frustrations… it might even add to them. Amanda looks at “messy” in the context of home, family, children, church, community, meals and celebrations. In all of these, the divine grace is the only thing that matters, not our flawless performance or impressive presentation.

A book I enjoyed to read. Sometimes a bit cliché (I suppose because too british for me), but altogether funny and easy. I’ll need to re-read it one of these days. And re-read it all over again once I’m done. I know, I am hopeless when it comes to frustrations about the state of our home. I have already offered it as a birthday gift to a friend and I share the info with anyone who is interested.

Soul Food for Mums, Lucinda van der Hart & Anna France-Williams

Bible-focused reflections for busy moms. This book proposes weekly devotional over a year, including personal stories, as well as practical ideas for applying God’s word.

While reading The Ministry of a Messy House, I looked at the list of other publications by IVP at the end of the book and I knew this book would be my companion for the year to come. I try to read it every monday (crap, I forgot today – at least I try to read it at the beginning of the week) and follow at least one of the suggested practical ideas. When I am at home, I write them down on the fridge blackboard. And as for the precedent book, I really need to let go off my frustrations of not having a perfect house.


Sacred Parenting, Gary Thomas

Parents are at school and the children are their teachers. This book is not about you teaching your kids, it is about how God uses them to change us.

We just received the book in the mail this morning. This looks inspiring and challenging.

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