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November 27th – Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an American tradition, still we organized it yesterday at church. Our Bible studies take place on Thursday evening and we want to vary our meetings (regular Bible study, debate, discussion, social). In this perspective we proposed to host Thanksgiving to welcome our new church members and learn more about the culture of Clement, Charlotte and Sarah […]

Bits & Pieces (September/October)

2014-09-27 16.14.42

1 – We made “H&N” (Honey & Nuts)

150g nuts
200g honey

  • Grill nuts
  • Mix nuts
  • Melt honey
  • Combine ingredients
  • Pour in mason jar
2014-10-01 14.54.09

2 – I wrote Psalm 127.1 (the verse of our wedding) on the entry wall 

2014-10-07 18.09.07

3 – Loïs made feta filled paprikas. She cut the cheese, combined it with olive oil and herbs and filled the paprikas. We served with green lentils on the side.

2014-10-16 09.46.41-1

4 – We carved pumpkins. 

2014-10-24 19.09.21-2

5 – I sewed green napkins for the BEM Area coming this November.

2014-10-25 12.26.31

6 – The season of the clementines is back. We made chicken out of them.

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[Recipe] Hazelnuts, Hazelnuts Everywhere

Since mid-July we have been eating less red meat, more fish and vegetable products. Why? For the sake of food diversification. We were already eating veggies and fruits at each meal, but not many leguminosae (lentils, chick peas… though we love it) nor dried fruits (nuts or almonds… which I am allergic to if not cooked). And in this great food trip we tried vegetable milks. […]