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[Recipe] Oatmeal cookies

In April this year we’ll become parents for the second time, yes! In April ten years ago I took a plane to Canada and spent almost three months in Ontario, working as a volunteer in a Christian conference and retreat center. I did all kinds of jobs, from housekeeping to maintenance, but the thing I did the most was the dish. It was not the most enjoyable job in the world, but being in a team gave me the opportunity to build relationships, improve my English and… being in the kitchen […]

Automn Crop

In our yard, we grow thyme, rosemary, mint (regular and peppermint) and chive. Last year I did not take the time to reap the herbs in automn and we had nothing left till spring. It was not our biggest worry, but when you dream of a homemade mint tea, it can be frustrating. This year then, I had decided not to miss the occasion. As soon as the construction workers cleaned the yard of all the bricks, wood, beams and other trash, I hastened to clean it in prevision of the winter… and made my little crop. In this post, I want to share my method of keeping herbs, in this case mint, chive and basil (this one was not in our garden, but was starting to wilt in its pot) […]

[Recipe] Fall Has Returned

Fall is back, yeah! I love each season of the year – maybe summer less when it is too hot – because they all have their specificities. For me automn equals food: Carrots, pumpkins, butternut, pasnips,.. This is what we ate at dinner two days ago, a very easy automnal dish […]