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How the BEM Started

How amazing all you can find on the Internet. Today, a short video from the archives of the Belgian army, and a very special one! Watch founders of the Belgian Evangelical Mission (our missionary organization) Ralph and Edith Norton distributing packages to the Belgian soldiers in the midst of WWI in 1917.

Ralph and Edith Norton distribute gifts to the Belgian soldiers

Want a more detailed story? Follow the bimonthly episodes of the Norton Saga on the BEM website.

Birthday Boy


28th March. This is my last day of work, my maternity leave starts Monday. I write this article.
29th March. We wash baby clothes. That night I wonder if I shouldn’t ask for another medical appointment on 1st April. It is really too dangerous to drive alone, contractions could come any moment now. I decide to call my gynecologist the following morning and I fall asleep wondering what if…
30 mars. I wake up at 5am and know that today is the day. Between 6 and 7 am I time contraction, between 7 and 8 am I take a bath, at 8 I wake everybody up. At 8.30 Loïs is at Manu’s and we joke on the way to the hospital. Something tells us it will be a boy. At 9 am we are at the maternity and this time I’ll have my water birth (rather “above the water/bathtub birth”, as Yann puts it). At 11.28 you’re there. Born en caul. I’ll always hear the midwife exclaiming: “Unbelievable! He’s born in the caul!”

My materity leave should have started the following day…



The French family comes to visit. Belgian and French family members gather for your birthday.
At this occasion we release (as we did for your sister) a short movie.



You’re a great little boy, quite intense. Today you had to be grounded, bump your forehead at least twice and you slept a long nap.

Clumsy Danny


Waking up in the morning he sometimes already have a bump on the forehead.
At breakfast he knocks over his glass of juice.
Glass refilled and immediately knocked over.
He walks in the living room, slips and falls backwards, his head hitting the floor.
At lunch he eats and – again – spills.
He goes to the garden and slips on the black ice.
He wants to go back inside, slips on the step and cuts the arch of the eyebrows.
He runs in the living room and slips on a soft toy.
He gets up on the sofa, loses his balance and lands on his forehead.
At bedtime Loïs shuts the bedroom’s door… on her brother stuck between door and frame.

Oh, clumsy Danny!

The Future Is Today

Today, 21st October 2015, is historical

Doesn’t ring a bell? Really?

Flying cars? Overboards? Nothing, really?

Tonight the Parodi will re-watch Back to the Future II. Today is the 21st October 2015. All Doc Brown and Marty Mc Fly encountered on the 21st October 2015 imagined by Robert Zemeckis in 1989 does not exist yet, but never mind. Today things have come to full circle.

If our calculations are correct this historical article will be published on Wednesday October, 21 2015… at precisely 4:29 pm.

Visit France #1 – Alpes Maritimes

Today I am glad to unveil a project I have been working on for almost a year. If you read our newsletters, you know that we spent a whole month in France last summer. It was like a sabbatical after Daniel’s birth. We first spent a week in Yann’s family in Grasse, then a Christian family had us stay in their home in a small village not far from the city of Gap in the Alps. I filmed our trip and wanted to share it with you. Were you to spend holidays in those regions they might offer you a few ideas for baby/toddler-friendly activities. The first video is all about French Riviera […]