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We are a French-speaking family. In private I speak English to the kids though. Best way for me to learn new words/expressions, especially those used in a regular household (the vocabulary you never learn at school). I must admit we juggle US and british English, but hey we’re learners.

Since Tuesday Loïs has started to make full sentences. This is no perfect English, and she most of the time asks in French the English word to complete her sentence, but I’m really impressed. Until now it has always been bilingual dialogues (I in English, them in French).

What’s strucking me the most are the words that she naturally chooses, the ones that pop directly in her mind: after/because/busy/now/not yet. Is it reflecting who I am to their eyes? ‘Wait, I’m busy right now. I’m not ready yet.’ I guess the simple life I aspire to is not yet at hand. I’ll keep working on that.

In the meantime, I’m encouraged by other words coming naturally to her lips: I love you, Mummy/please/thank you. And those cute and funny literal translations like It’s black outside.


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