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[Food] Help, my tomatoes won’t ripen!

As summer started my neighbour planted tomato vines and gently instructed me that we could help ourselves with any tomato going over the fence. I didn’t take much attention to this since we were in the middle of the summer swirl with three kids being at home while we weren’t taking any day off from work. We then spent three weeks in France and when we came back tomato vines had invaded our garden. Sadly all the fruits (though many) were unripe.

A few days later as I was lamenting over the green tomatoes and their fateful future, an (English) colleague suggested green tomato chutney. I looked on the Internet and ended up with a yummy and spicy chutney. I made 2 jars out of the 800 grams unripe tomatoes I picked. We loved it and our neighbour too.

So you see, no more reason to leave your unripe tomatoes go bad!

The recipe can be found HERE.


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