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Happy Birthday, Logan

They say every child is unique and it’s true. Logan is our third and yet we discovered new facets of parenting. Yes, family dynamic is totally different with three and that might explain many of them, still Logan is Logan.

He’s a very calm baby who can instantly turn furious. He rather breaks into a grin than laugh out loud. He loves cars and balls. He eats like an ogre and could satisfy himself with bread alone – no worries, he loves veggies, too. Phew! There’s no problem to put him to bed in the evening (even with the other two hovering over his bed), but he doesn’t go back to sleep very easily once he’s awake at night (we’re drained). He can play alone with his toys for a very long time. He hates being confined in a place and always tries to run away.

And now, we present to you our traditional “One Year With” movie (script underneath the video).

Eunice: Do you want a real baby? You don’t want a real baby in the house?
Daniel: No, baby.
Eunice: No?
Yann: You changed your mind?
Eunice: Didn’t you want a little brother or a little sister?
Loïs: Yes, a little brother or a little sister.
Eunice: You did?
Loïs: Yes.
Eunice: And where’s the little brother or little sister?
Loïs: I don’t know.

Eunice: Look! Here’s a picture of Daniel and Loïs’ little brother or sister.
Loïs: Why? Who is it?

Eunice: Head, eyes, nose, mouth, hand… Baby says hello.
Loïs: Er… what kind of baby is it?
Eunice: A baby like Loïs and Daniel but very small. Small like this.
Daniel: Papa? Papa?
Eunice: … tummy. A baby, Daniel.
Daniel: Baby?

Daniel: Baby’s in there.

Yann: After Christmas, the baby’s gonna come out of Mummy’s tummy.
Loïs: No.
Yann: Now baby’s growing inside.
Loïs: Why?

Yann: Who wants to kiss the baby?
Daniel: Yay!
Yann: Baby’s there. Inside.

Remember Loïs.
Remember Daniel.

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