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Faith COOK, The Nine Day Queen of England: Lady Jane Grey


The wonderful testimony of a young devoted Christian in the dark age of early Reformation in England. Discover how Jane’s strength of character and remarkable faith shine out despite the darkness that often surrounded her, even her execution.
Rejoice in Christ, as I do. Follow the steps of your Master Christ, and take up your cross: lay your sins on his back, and always embrace him. And as touching my death, rejoice as I do, good sister, that I shall be delivered of this corruption, and put on incorruption. For I am assured, that I shall, for losing of a mortal life, win an immortal life, the which I pray God grant you, and send you of his grace to live in his fear, and to die in the true Christian faith, from the which (in God’s name), I exhort you, that you never swerve, neither for hope of life, nor for fear of death. For if you will deny his truth for to lengthen your life, God will deny you, and yet shorten your days. And if you will cleave unto him, he will prolong your days, to your comfort and his glory: to the which glory God bring me now, and you hereafter, when it pleaseth him to call you. Fare you well, good sister, and put your only trust in God, who only must help you.
Excerpt from Jane’s letter to her sister, Katherine, written the night before her execution

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