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Belgian Evangelical Mission

The Belgian Evangelical Mission is a team of missionaries commited to building Christ’s Church in Belgium

Europe, where the Christian church had its roots, has become one of the world’s darkest areas – not just Eastern Europe, which was under the yoke of communism for years, but also Western Europe, where materialism, Islam and oriental religions have conquered the hearts of many, many people. Nowadays tens of millions of Europeans know nothing about the Gospel of Christ. Economically, Belgium is a very rich country in the heart of Europe, with an excellent social security and education system and a guaranteed minimum income for every citizen. On a spiritual scale however it is another story. After having played a major role in the printing and distribution of Bibles all over Europe during the Reformation, the country is now spiritually poor. Faith and convictions are now being picked like items in a supermarket. Spirituality as an experience has become more important than its content. Churches are therefore emptier and emptier.

The BEM’s vision is to reach everyone in Belgium with the Gospel by evangelizing every generation and people group, planting churches in every city and town and inspiring the evangelical community. To achieve this vision, BEM develops church-planting strategies and contemporary tools to spread the gospel, and distributes the Bible and Christian literature. BEM’s vision is carried by its values: teamwork, unity, flexibility, a servant’s heart, transparency, commitment, creativity and perseverance.

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Our Role

Eunice works in the French-speaking PR department of the BEM. Besides being responsible for the writing and editing of the BEM newsletter, she creates or updates a series of information booklets to present the mission at various events. Largely speaking, she promotes the Belgian Evangelical Mission in the Christian world. This also includes taking pictures, translating and contacting various Mission colleagues.  Eunice is also responsible for the French secretarial work.

You Can Help

» Support us financially
» Support us in prayer
» Send us creative ideas that Eunice could use to improve her ministry within the BEM
» Join the BEM yourself


J Israel

Hello, I just searched about Belgium’s Christian faith after the Brussels attack, Wikipedia says only 5% church attendees, then I searched is there any evangelical churches? Praise God! then I found your site. Go head. We will pray from India. Its a time for revival, things will change.

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