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Music & Cake

There’s one thing I admire on Internet: Those mom bloggers who manage to update on a regular basis (sometimes daily, sometimes even on social networks). Well, I’m no mom blogger and I don’t intend to become one. This blog is a space where I can treasure selected memories, sometimes share tips or recipes, but it’s mainly an annex to our (few) newsletters. Discreet links in the text body avoid heavy emails and everybody’s free to click on them (or not). If you’re new here (or you come by other means), I suppose you’ve noticed that the publishing of these posts mainly depends on the time I have besides my professional/personal tasks (no, I don’t blog at night). Anyway it’s always a pleasure to share selected moments of our lives/ministries with you, whoever you are. And it’s now time for pictures of Daniel’s birthday party… on March, 31st. A Saturday followed by a two week school break. Kids went back to school on Monday, I had to catch up aon a few tasks for the BEM. I publish on Friday, not bad don’t you think? 🙂

So, Daniel turned 4 on the last day of school and he brought a cake to share with his friends. They ate it all! It’s becoming quite the tradition: The cake was decorated with a lion. Yes, Daniel and the lions den is a cliché but we have been assuming it for now 4 years. The next day he threw his first birthday party with four friends (3 classmates). Daniel is a musician at heart and we asked our friend Claire (she plays the piano at our church and is a music teacher) to prepare a short musical animation for the kids. The five boys, Loïs and even Logan loved repeating rythms on several drum instruments, walk (or halt) according to the tune played on the piano and dance with scarves. The program for the day was simple: self-service of costumes and a selection of toys, musical animation, craft (their own tambourine out of paper plates), coloring, cake, candles and the opening of birthday presents.

The first present Daniel opened was a harmonica. Love at first sight! He opened a present, blew in the harmonica, opened another present, blew in the harmonica, and so on. He didn’t let it go for two days: He wanted to play “like Uncle on Sundays.”


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