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My Little Paper Bags

Am I nonconformist or do I simply refuse to take part – at least partly – to consumerism and non-recycling waste? Be as it may when kids bring gifts at school (birthday parties, Christmas, end of the year,…) I don’t buy mini plastic bags at the store on the corner of the street (even it’s 10 for about 2 Euro) and I make homemade gift bags from envelopes. True it takes a bit more time (especially when you need 25 of those), but they’re 100% recyclable and you can add your personal touch!


You’ll need envelopes, a staple, a pair of scissor, tape.
Seal shut the envelope.


Cut off one end of the envelope.


Fold one side in toward the centre (about 1 cm or slightly less) and do the same with the other side. Then fold the bottom up by the same amount, making creases in the paper.

Put the bag over one hand. Use the other hand to shape a flat bottom to your bag, pushing the bottom center creade downward, causing the side folds to buckle up. Crease the corners of the bottom into triangles and tape if necessary. 


Decorate. You can apply your design before starting tho cut and fold.


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