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News (with pictures)

Hello everybody! There hasn’t been any activity on this blog since Daniel’s birthday. That doesn’t mean we didn’t do anything. There has been no school for two weeks at the beginning of the month (Easter holidays) and the kids needed to be entertained. So we did what we could…

A new baby was born in our congregation. Welcome Caleb (or “Salade” as Loïs called him first)! Watch the video HERE. I made a bunny family out of socks and rice.

Yann’s parents and grandmother paid us a visit for a few days. Among other things Yann’s parents, Loïs and I visited my grandfather who will turn 93 in June.

I tried to go out as much as I could with the kids. That was not always easy and possible since I didn’t take days off and had to work. For instance, one day we hiked in an old sandpit not far from where I grew up and then went to a playground.

I went to the BEM office for a full day of work out of the house and the administrative team and leaders of the Mission held a small farewell reception for the soon-to-be-retired BEM director for Flanders and German-speaking Belgium.


I figured out new sensory activities for Loïs. On Pinterest I found the idea of separating colors and I added the telling of the parable of the weeds (represented here by the ‘good’ navy beans and the ‘bad’ chili pastas).

Then Loïs painted on eggs

While Daniel started to draw. I am really amazed – isn’t he a bit young for that? The flower is not his (you guessed right), he drew a few line with a yellow pencil. You see them in front of him.

The weather was good so we had a community meal before Bible study. Yann finally built the barbecue his former colleagues offered him for his 30th birthday almost two years ago.

Yann took the old floor off to even it (there were 14 centimeters difference in height!) and replace it by new material. One day this area will welcome stairs for the mezzanine above, a small bathroom and my office (open plan). Where I stand to take this picture will be the master bedroom.

And on Sunday it was my turn to do Sunday school. I told them the story of Noah. We painted a rainbow using this technique and played pairs (to find the pairs of animals).

Of course there were bad days. And even on good days you have to think twice to find an activity that will entertain your kids more than two minutes. I’ve tried a lot of things. Some worked, some didn’t. Welcome to parenthood !


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