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Picture Flow – Last Week-End

Saturday 31st January

For the first time for a very long time we didn’t have any responsibilities at church the following day, so we had a great day of rest. Children behaved very nicely. Daniel has a cold and is a bit groggy at the moment. Loïs is more exhausted now that she goes to school, she needs to charge her batteries more often – that gives us time for us. So I carried on with the movie ‘One Year With Daniel’ that I intend to release for his first birthday (remember Loïs’ movie) while Yann started to build the partition wall that separates the dining room and the ‘gardening area’ (which will be Loïs’ room until she has her own upstairs).


Sunday 1st February

This was a long day for the four of us. Our church plant Pleroma wants official recognition and is therefore in the process of being affiliated to a union of baptist churches (AEEBLF). Sunday morning then, we were at the annual joint service of all its Belgian churches. The day continued with a fellowship meal and a conference held by Sébastien Fath, a French historian and social scientist.

We did not stay till the end because we our regional group met at 4:00 pm. Within the BEM workers from a same region meet together regularly for fellowship, prayer, encouragement – this is what we call ‘regional groups’. Each group leader is member of the leading board of his linguistic region (in this case, our leader Charles is member of the French Council, leading board for Wallonia and the Brussels area). The regional groups also allow to have a link between leading boards, central administration and missionaries on the field. It sounds rather official and boring, but it is actually quite fun to see our co-workers and friends (!) on a regular basis. And it is even more important for the PR department to talk directly to those on the field.

Delicious cappuccinos by Geneviève Bouvy, former PR worker and church planter, now working on a new project of the opening of a café in Wallonia
Delicious cappuccinos by Geneviève Bouvy, former PR worker and church planter, now working on a new project of the opening of a café in Wallonia

Monday 2nd February

In Belgium and France we traditionally celebrate the Chandeleur (Candlemas) by eating crêpes. There is this tradition while cooking the crêpes a coin is held in one hand and the crêpe is tossed with the other. Those who successfully land the crêpe in the pan will have a prosperous year. We don’t do that at home. We eat crêpes and that’s all. This year I wanted a bit of fun so we had rainbow crêpes. Loïs was convinced my green crêpe was way tastier than her purple one. We invited our friend Manu who had pink crêpes.

0 (1)

Those crêpes were vegan. So no eggs, no milk (yes, I like new challenges):

  • * 400g flour
  • * 100g corn starch (instead of eggs)
  • * 1 litre almond milk (instead of milk)
  • * 2 tbsp oil
  • * food coloring

Tuesday 3st February

The last two weeks were quite busy because Ciara and I were working on the next issue of the BEM newsletter. I send the files to the printer today, then I’ll schedule the articles on the BEM website and upload the electronic version of the newsletter, Ciara is in charge of e-mails and Kristel, the BEM secretary, is responsible for the reception of printed material and the sending by snail mail. This issue will be about the rejuvenation work on the Flemish Bible exhibition and, of course, a new episode of the Norton saga.

BEM Newsletter

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