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Surviving the Wednesday Afternoon

Loïs goes to school four and a half days a week, from 8:00 am to 3 pm. She sleeps and eats there. In Belgium schools are closed on Wednesdays afternoon. I’ve been working from home since Loïs was born and am therefore used to having her around. Still she is rapidly bored of playing dolls or with her toys and we need to find other ways to entertain her. And that is how I – who always hated craft at school – started to look on the web for fun activities to do with toddlers. And I eventually realized that I love to craft.

We painted. With fingers, hands, stamps made our of potatoes. It is interesting to see that crafts remain the same. A friend who we made one potato-stamp paint art for told me she had learned this method while she was studying to become a primary school teacher… almost 60 years ago!


We sprouted lentils. After a week they are way higher than the cat’s head. If we have time before Easter we’ll grow some in empty eggshells.


We made a butterfly out of a toilet paper tube. We plan to make him friends.


We cooked. Loïs made waffles. She is so gifted that we are thinking of opening our own waffle shop on Brussels market place.

2015 - 1

In the meantime Daniel plays with his toys, gets bored when he is not the center of attention and eats Loïs’ waffles.

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