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Telling Stories On Paper

Champagne! This is the second article in a week. I have to say however that it won’t be long.

I just wanted to share a fun and easy activity to do with your toddlers/kids. I told Loïs the story of the Creation drawing on a roll of paper I had previously stuck on the kitchen counter. I used the stamp markers she received for Christmas. The next day we continued the story using animal shaped foam stickers. Loïs liked drawing long lines of colors and loved the monkey shaped foam stickers.

This is how I told the story:

  • Day 1 – Day & Night: I drew the sun and the moon. This could have been the fourth day as well, but I had no other idea to represent light and darkness for a 2 year old.
  • Day 2 – Sea & Sky: Using blue markers I drew the sea and the sky (clouds representing the sky).
  • Day 3 – Dry Land & Plants: Using a brown marker I drew the land. I added trees, mountains (Loïs said the mountains were Papa’s… maybe because he grew up by the Alps?)
  • Day 4 – Sun, Moon, Stars: I did no more than the sun and moon, but I could have add stars and planets.
  • Day 5 – Sea & Flying Creatures: I stamped fishes and butterflies with the help of stamp markers and drew a whale (she knows the story of Jonah), an octopus and birds.
  • Day 6 – Land Animals & Man: I drew the animals she knows and is fond of (cats, dogs, chickens,…) and our family (Papa, Maman, Loïs and Daniel).
  • Day 7 – … and God rested: I wrote ‘zzzz’ in the sky and drew a sleeping face. Yeah, I know, ‘He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep’, but I had no idea how to represent rest to a 2 year old. 😉
DSC_0805_1 (1)

A bag of foam stickers costs 0.99 Euro at Zeeman, a roll of paper (30 meters) 2.99 Euro at Ikea, stamp markers were a gift. This activity lasted two or three days. At the end, Loïs and Daniel partnered to tear the paper apart.

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